Suwannee River Fair Dress Code

All exhibitors participating in Shows, Sale, Contests and at Awards Program will be required to be clean, neat and dressed in gender appropriate dark black jeans, slacks or skirts, a solid white shirt with a white collar and dark or green tie. FFA or 4-H Jacket or 4-H Accessories are required. Closed-toed shoes with backs or boots are required. No hats or caps allowed.

Show ONLY Exceptions:

  • 4-H Cloverbuds may wear 4-H Accessories.
  • BBQ Contest Participants will not have any means of identification as to their name, club, chapter or community and not required to were official dress; however, you are to wear appropriate clothing and hair covers/hats.
  • Dairy Cow and Goat participants are may wear white pants and shirt.
  • Horse Show Participants are required to wear attire, boots and helmet appropriate for their riding style.