Rabbit Showmanship

Guidelines For The Suwannee River Fair
Showmanship is a participant’s opportunity to demonstrate his/her knowledge and ability to properly select and present rabbits to their best advantage. The participant’s confidence, ability and the rabbit’s response are indicators of the knowledge and skills gained in handling and identifying quality animals, as well as defects, disqualifications, breed and variety characteristics.

When selecting your rabbits for showmanship, you should check the rabbit over thoroughly. The rabbit should be free of diseases, parasites and disqualifications. If the participant is young or new to the rabbit project, the judge may have to prompt some. Extra points may be given for thorough knowledge; or points may be deducted for missed areas or incorrect reasons.

The following procedure is explained step by step along with what the participant will do and what the judge will be evaluating. The participant should follow the steps below as though they were examining the rabbit by themselves.  MORE….

Rabbit Showmanship Score Card
Rabbit showmanship is quite different from that of other animal species. Rabbit showmanship involves examining an animal as a judge would do in competition. Each step that a youth forgets to complete is counted against their overall score. Appearance of the exhibitor and their knowledge are two other areas important in this competition.  VIEW SCORE CARD