Buyers & Sale Day

One of the many missions of the Suwannee River Youth Fair is to promote continuing improvement in the breeding, raising and marketing of livestock and to encourage the pursuit of excellence generally throughout the livestock and agriculture industries.  Community spirited business men and women have financially supported the long-standing traditions of our livestock shows through sponsorships, donations, and participation in the sale.  It is a measure of a communities worth, the support it provides its youth. Our deep appreciation is extended to these individuals, past, present, and future, without whose participation the fair would not be possible.

Sales Contract

A resale price will be established and announced at the beginning of the sale. Buyers will be billed for the purchase price less the announced resale value. Any person buying animals for another party must sign their name to the purchase contract and is legally responsible for the payment of …

Market Entries By County

Each animal will be sold separately to the highest bidder.  All add-ons are subject to sales commission, no resale credit will be applied. No Individual resale is allowed. No custom kill or retained ownership purchases are allowed. All animals must be resold and delivered to the resale buyer.  

Sale Day Order

The sale order will provide for a mixed animal sale. Grand Champions in each category will sell first, then Reserve Champions in each group. Entries in each category (swine, feeders and fats) will sell based on this order while maintaining a mixed animal “cycle”.  A certain number of swine, then a number …