Mr. Loran’s BBQ Contest

This Contest is for youth age 9 by 1 September 2017 and is designed to develop skills in food safety, the preparation and use of meat/chicken/meat products in our nutrition. Safe preparation practices and good food hygiene are primary goals.

2017 Contest Meat/Steaks cooked to medium rare – medium



  • Palms Medical Group
Please write your thank you letter to Palms Medical Group
  • Entry Fee $10.00
  • BBQ Contest Entry Form – Pre-registration is required.
  • BBQ Contest Rules
  • Individual Belt Buckle Contest for ages 9 and up.
  • Primary, Junior, Senior:  1st through 6th place ribbons &  Cash Awards
  • Suwannee River Fair will provide the meat/meat product.
  • Each participant will present their  barbequed producted to the panel of judges at the conclusion of the contest.
  • Plates will be provided at registration. A portion cup will be available if participants want to furnish a sample of BBQ sauce used.
  • Record Sheet/Summary Sheet – Bring with you to the contest and tell us what you did to prepare for the contest
  •  Participants are REQUIRED to view and follow the safety videos for contest.
  • Official Dress is Not Required
  • Appearance and Cleanliness: It is important that par­ticipant be clean with no loose pieces of clothing (to prevent them from catching on fire while barbecuing).  


  • Clean, neat, safe and dressed in gender appropriate attire
  • Dark black jeans, slacks or skirts
  • Short sleeve shirt or long sleeve that fits close to arm
  • Closed-toed shoes with backs or boots
  • Hair should be pulled-back or tied-back and/or under a cap or hat
  • Apron should be worn
  • Nothing that identifies you or your club/chapter
checkmark_sm Contest Rules
checkmark_sm General SRF Rules & Regulations
checkmark_sm BBQ Summary Sheet
checkmark_sm BBQ Contest Entry Form
checkmark_sm Chicken Score Card
checkmark_sm Steak Score Card
 checkmark_sm Levy – BBQ Resources