Breeding Meat Doe Show

Selecting breeding doe replacements is a multi-step process that is an important part of any herd management program. Breeding females are a vital part of the goat herd, and the right or wrong decision can make or break a herd’s livelihood and consequently a producer’s profitability. Many factors may play a role in the selection process, including the type of breed being raised, kidding season, and management practices.  By Sydney Hayter

Each exhibitor may show 6 entries in the breeding doe meat show.

As with all the animal projects in the SRF, a completed record book or summary sheet and show sponsor thank you letter must be turned in for an exhibitor to show his or her animal.

Show Superintendent: Tina Blair

Please write your thank you letter to Dr. Bill Martin, Martin Orthodontics
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4-H members who are NOT 8 years old by 1 September 2017
CAN NOT participate in this Large Animal Project.