Beef Heifer Show

The Beef Heifer project is designed to provide experience in selecting, growing, developing, breeding, and managing breeding animals. This project normally begins with choosing a heifer calf nine months old or less, and feeding, developing, and maintaining ownership of the animal. Many young people go on to start a cattle herd of their own.

This is a long-term project, and there may not be any income for the young person’s efforts for several years. Record keeping is an important part of the Beef Heifer Project and the cattle business. Important records include birth date and weight and weaning date and weight. Records are kept on the weight gain of the heifer and type and amount of feed fed. Vaccinations and other herd health practices are noted and fertility and calving information are recorded.

As with all the animal projects in the SRF, a completed record book or summary sheet and show sponsor thank you letter must be turned in for an exhibitor to show his or her animal.

 Show Superintendent: Scott Mills

 Show Committee: Todd Begue, Frank Dola, Adam Elliott, Lint Jerrels  


  • Dr. Bill Martin, Martin Orthodontics
  • Kloverleaf Tack, Kathy Inman 
Please write your thank you letter to Dr. Bill Martin, Martin Orthodontics
  checkmark_sm Beef Heifer Show Packet
  checkmark_sm Project Summary Sheet
  checkmark_sm Non-Market Animal Record Book
  checkmark_sm Heifer Entry Form
  checkmark_sm Showmanship
  checkmark_sm Beef Cattle Husbandry Study Guides
  checkmark_sm SRF Scholarship

4-H members who are NOT 8 years old by September 1 2017
 CANNOT participate in this Large Animal Project.