Required Buyer’s Thank You

Probably one of the most important tasks you will have is sending thank you letters. Remember — this person or business did NOT have to do this for you! If they purchased your market animal let them know you are grateful. Put yourself in their place: If you were the one who donated some hard-earned money, you would want someone to thank you!

As a participant in the Suwannee River Youth Livestock Show and Sale you are required to write thank you letters to show sponsors, contest sponsors, and market animal buyers.

Your Letters AT THE MINIMUM MUST include 3 paragraphs with at least 9 sentences, using the following format:

► Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself (name, age, school, club/chapter, what other shows you participate in, etc.);

► Paragraph 2: tell what the project is (steer, swine, horse, rabbit, etc.) and  describe what you learned from the project (do not just say “I learned responsibility” or “I learned time management,” but explain how you learned it  and why it is important);

► Paragraph 3: Express your appreciation and tell how you intend to use these funds or tell how much you appreciate them and their sponsorship.