Market Animal Sale Check

  1. All market animal participants are REQUIRED to write an appropriate thank you letter as defined in, Marketing Responsibility Of Participants. The original letter(s) must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs and 9 sentences. Your letter(s) will be placed in an unsealed, stamped, addressed envelope. In case of multiple buyers, all buyers must receive a letter. NO FORM LETTERS are allowed.
  2. Prior to the last day of school, all thank you letters shall be given to the 4-H Agent or FFA Advisor for mailing. 4-H Agents and FFA Advisors will notify the Fair Secretary, at least weekly, as to receipt of Thank You Letters. After the last day of school all thank you letters will be submitted to the Fair Secretary.
  3. Sale check will be mailed in participants name to the legal guardian address upon receipt of an appropriate thank you letter(s) from exhibitor to their buyer(s).
  4. The mailing address will be obtained from the official mailing address of the legal parent/guardian on the Market Animal Entry Form.
  5. After 90 days from Sale Date, any checks that have not been mailed due to lack of proper thank you letters shall be subject to a 5% penalty fee.