No frames – no glass – no plexiglass

A reminder….  to all that plan to participate in the Creative Life Skills Photography Division.  No frames, no glass.  Photos should be mounted on foam board.
Here are the complete rules for Photography:
PHOTOGRAPHY RULES… NO FRAMES, GLASS OR PLEXIGLAS WILL BE ALLOWED! 1. A photo entry may be either black/white or color, processed from a negative or a digital camera and must be taken by the exhibitor. 2. The exhibit must have a short explanation of why the picture was taken and chosen for entry. The explanation should be printed or typed on an index card. Both the card and the entry form must be attached to the exhibit. 3. Exhibitors may submit one entry as either: (a) A series of photos: picture sequence or story showing a logical progression of images, or (b) An individual photo. 4. Pictures should depict activities typical of those in which a 4-H or FFA member and their friends would likely participate. 5. The photo must be mounted on foam board and the maximum size for a single photo is 8”x 10”.